About The Company

Stelin Automotive and Trading Company Limited is an indigenous Ghanaian firm, registered as a private body under the company’s code of Ghana in 1995 and operates in the automobile industry, offering sales, after-sales service, parts and accessories of Toyota and Daihatsu brands of vehicles and other equipment.

Our Mission

Our mission as a company is to promptly and satisfactorily meet all the automotive needs of our cherished customers, and this we have consistently pursued over the 15 years of our existence, and are relentlessly committed to pursuing this consistently.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be your total automotive product and services provider.

Our Activities

With over 15 years experience in the automobile industry, Stelin is well positioned to surmount the challenges of this very competitive industry. Our competitive advantage stems from our wide network of suppliers which enables us to provide customized vehicles at short lead times, all at very competitive prices.

In addition to providing sales and after-sales service of brand new Toyota vehicles, Stelin is an importer of other brands of passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as industrial, agricultural and mining equipment such as forklifts, bulk cement mixers and combine harvesters.

Our Facilities

Stelin has the following facilities to satisfactorily meet the automotive needs of our customers:

– Fully stocked Customs Bonded Warehouse to provide quick delivery of vehicles

– Vehicle Showroom, where our customers can experience our vehicles firsthand

– Service Workshop with fully stocked spare parts to provide expert after-sales service for our customers’ vehicles

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