Our Management Team

Seth Fiati
Chief Executive Officer

Seth Fiati is Founder and CEO of Stelin Automotive & Trading Company Ltd. He holds a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and has several years of experience in the car sales business. He has steered the company over the years with his down-to-earth leadership, self-motivation, vision and tenacity.

A Director of Stelin is a Post-Graduate Professional in Banking and in Human Resource Management.


Lynda C. Fiati
Administrative Director

Linda Fiati is Administrative Director of the Company and serves on the management committee. Prior to joining the company, she held various administrative positions with Standard Chartered Bank, Ghana for over 25 years.

Ben Yarnie Tetteh
Financial Consultant

A private Chartered Accountant, Ben YarnieTetteh is Financial Consultant to Stelin, serving on the management committee. He runs his private accounting and auditing firm and has a depth of experience in the industry.

Jacob Mensah
Service Manager/Technical Adviser

Jacob Mensah is the Service Manager/Technical Adviser; Toyota Motor Corporation Certified Engineer since 1996 with vast knowledge and experience.

Richard Aryeetey
Technical Assistant

Richard Aryeetey is Technical Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer, and serves on the management committee. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from University of Ghana, Legon, and is an experienced business manager in the private sector.

Mr. Albert Kwabi
Management Consultant

A Post-Graduate Diplomat in Management, he is the Management Consultant of Stelin.  He wields considerable experience in human resource management and organizational structuring.  He serves on Stelin’s management committee.